About The Mistress

Mistress Jess

Mistress Jess has been in the lifestyle of BDSM for over 10 years and is active within the Brisbane scene experiencing many wonderful things, adding to her vast self-taught repertoire of skills and knowledge, learning from professional Masters and Mistresses over the years. She is experienced and knows how to wield a flogger!

Mistress Jess does not offer any sexual, or escort services. She offers discreet BDSM services for all clientele.

This voluptuous BBW is a pocket-sized sadist with a resting bitch face. She will surprise you with her sadistic smile and intent to inflict pain. She’s no-nonsense and to the point. But she can also be a kind and gentle person at heart with a warm touch, sense of humor, and is easy to talk to. A strong believer in Safe Sane and Consensual, she has an innate ability to read the human body. She will always practice with your safety in mind.

Mistress Jess has a whole other life and world, that deserves respect and privacy.

A BBW Goddess

Mistress Jess has all the right curves, in all the right places, just waiting to be worshiped.

A CBT Queen

The Mistress will torment and torture your precious jewels. Ball busting, small penis humiliation and locking you away for your own good, is her favorite torture of all.

About the venue

The Mistress works out of a private venue. A unique BDSM adult entertainment venue on the Northside of Brisbane, Australia.
It offers a friendly, safe environment with its own unique industrial shabby chic outlay, with open play spaces and multiple play stations for your enjoyment.